Giving up to grow your business

I quit college with one semester left to start my business. It was in my way.

I quit my roofing job, even though I needed the money.

I quit my server job in the middle of a two-hour wait. And I didn't give my manager a two-weeks notice because I knew that if I did, I'd go back.

I gave up everything to focus on my passion. 

The adrenaline, at this point, was very real.

At first, the sacrifice was intense. I didn't have very much money in my bank account. I know, however, that there was no way that I could dedicate myself entirely to something that I believed would succeed. 

How to know when it's time to give up

When starting your business, there will be doubt. It will creep into your mind and make you do questionable things, like, being complacent or accepting where you are today is just good enough. 

When doubt transforms into self-belief, something amazing happens. You get motivated. You sleep, eat, and think only on your business. That inspiration comes upon you quickly, and you become consumed with the notion that you need to double-down on your infant business idea. It's at this moment that a revelation hits you.

What's keeping me from succeeding? 

It's at this moment that you begin to question your life, like your choice of friends, your current employer, your hobbies, and your bad habits. These are the things that are in your way - walls you've laid in front of you that are preventing you from reaching your potential. 

You should carefully examine each of these and ask yourself: If I remove these negative friends from my life, will I have more energy? If I stop drinking, smoking, or binge-watching Netflix, will I have more clarity? If I quit my job, will I have more time?

Only you can answer this question. The first step is recognizing that at this stage in your business, these are the questions you must ask, on the road to greatness.

Now is the time to go for great

Giving up things is only part of the journey towards greatness. Next, and equally important, is doing new and positive things in your life that purposefully fill the void of these things you were willing to give up.

Do you have a dream?

You can start a business just for the money. That's okay. Maybe you're starting a business because you solved a problem that other people would genuinely benefit from. The reasons for starting a business are numerous. Among these, having a dream doesn't mean that you're thinking about the fantastic lifestyle you'll have when it's all said and done. 

Narrow your dream to something amazing, and achievable, within the first year. For example, if you're starting a cafe, it's probably unwise to only focus on the lifestyle you'll have after you've franchised your 60th location. Instead, dream, focus and narrow your sights on how amazing it would be to hire your first employee (and save you a little more time in the day. Focus your goal on getting this five-star cafe reviews in all the local newspapers and associations. 

Take my business to the next level (giving up more)

If you're 3, 5, or 10 years into your business. Are you where you thought you'd be? If so, then congrats! If you're an entrepreneur like Chad, then at the 5-year mark, you are not quite there yet. 

My journey is not over.

Even successful businesses that seem like they have it all are only getting started. Imagen if Starbucks gave up when they conquered the west coast. Now they're a global phenom. Aside from global domination, a business that becomes a cultural icon is there because it didn't settle with the success that they found early on.

As you guessed it. What it took to get you started is what it takes to push you further. What's different is the challenges, motives, and people surrounding you available to make it happen.

A business that gets comfortable is soon to be overrun by upstarts and startups in the market. It's at this point that you have to think lean: What can I give up? Do I need this large office? What happens if my best employees quit? 

For Chad, he recognized that to move to the next level (and ultimately towards his next dream), it was essential to hire the best people possible to take him there.

Can you achieve your business dreams?

Giving up on the good to go for the great is a way of life. It's something you do, monthly, yearly, or every ten years, on the road to your destination. When you understand and internalize that those around you are eager to take your best customers, or, that the job you currently have is keeping you from your life's purpose, then it's time to do something about it.

Everything that you can imagine is possible; you have to be willing to give up the good to go for great. 

Now is the time to give up and go for great.

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