How many millionaires do you know...

"How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case" Robert G. Allen.

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The answer is zero.

It's important to understand that you will inevitably have to use your money if you want to grow. Your money (or life force as we call it) won't do anything with the near-to-nothing savings interest rates. Making smart investment decisions is essential. Let's talk about why.

How can I start investing?

Just like everything else, you have to start. Early on, I did something not many 20-somethings do. I opened an investing account with Scottrade, I picked a stock, I put in $500, and that was that. 

But then, over the next few weeks, I realized that I almost doubled, tripled my investment. 

Like you would think - I took the money and ran. I took this capital and reinvested it into my fledgling gumball machine. 

But I don't have any money to invest.

Fine. That's okay; some of the most important investments you'll make throughout your life is your education. It may seem underwhelming. Study for a few hours, take a risk, try something new - that won't pay off.

Wrong. You have time.

The most exciting people you'll me will tell you that the experience, education, and a passion for seeking knowledge played a critical role in their early success. Learning a new programming language, a  new skill or trade, will over time, improve your potential for salary growth, open new doors in your life that will eventually enable you to invest in stocks and equities, and teach you the specific skills necessary to build a lifestyle around investment income. 

Here's possibly a better investment.

If you don't have money, and you maybe don't have the time to pick up a book. 

Invest in learning how to think. I know this sounds pretty crazy. And maybe it's so apparent that you might overlook it. When you apply time and effort in picking up the bullet points of critical thinking, you'll inevitably learn, over time, that (as we said it before), your decision directs your outcomes. 

Listen to the podcast for a great example of training our brand to think. 

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