The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus

The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus - Bruce Lee

Where we gained our Focus

Very few businesses die from a lack of opportunity. They generally die from a plethora of opportunities but a lack of Focus. Ultimate Team Products knew this from day one. Staying focused on doing the right things - with a relentless amount of attention to detail was the only way that we could have survived early on. 

More than focused on what we wanted to do, and the products we serviced, we discovered that those things we concentrate on thrived, while those things that we didn't, well - didn't do so well. From arriving at events well prepared to follow up with our customers, there were things that we did right and those things we did wrong. 

Over time, as we grew our team together, we honed our ability to be bruce-lee level focused. I saw right before me; things begin to change for our business. Equally as important was recognizing that there were things within our company that weren't worth our Focus. 

Having no focus is worse than focusing on the wrong things.

As our business has scaled, in our goal of reaching the next threshold of our business, it has become even more important to hone our Focus and be laser-like. In our unique example, we actively plan on significant milestones: reaching the 20 Million Mark, while working as hard as we can in the little things. As a leader, my only role (and yours too) is to keep people focused - that is my Focus. 

In Focus - How to build a successful Coffee Shop starting from nothing.

Before we dive in, the Poster Boy Book is an excellent companion peice while you're starting your own small business. These two focused steps examine the concept of laser-like Focus you need to get this, and anything else, off the ground.

Step One: Focus on what you want to do.

Where do we want this coffee shop? What do we want to sell, and how much capital do you have to self-fund and get started? Are you prepared to commit your life to this business over the next year(s), and is this something that you're passionate about, something you're willing to put in the hard work to do?

Step Two: Break It Down to Little Focus Areas

Maybe week one or day one is wholly focused on your interior design, the chairs, and the furniture of your building. Can you buy these at a discount on the Facebook marketplace or craigslist? Remember, this is the moment that spending the right money on the right things is so important. 

Week three or day two may be focused on who your market is, and how you generate customers. If you're in a great location, why not accommodate the immediate audience - opening up early, having discounts for local business, etc., can generate the right amount of in-store traffic day one. But, this is something you need to focus specifically.

...Well - of course, there's a lot more to starting a coffee shop. But I think you get the point. Building anything requires phased and structured time for Focus on the right thins. Not being distracted by the things that aren't important (like buying stamps and t-shirts first) is a measure of prioritization. 

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