There is no substitute for hard work

"There is no substitute for hard work" quote by Thomas Edison, entrepreneur, and inventor. What sets your soul on fire? We explore how passion and dedication contribute to starting a business worth your undivided attention. The real secret to this quote is doing something you love. Once you start working on something you like, you realize your life shifts from the "oh my god I've only been here for 2 hours" to "there is no way it is already 6pm!"

Episode Highlights

  • What it means to love what you are doing
  • How to find and choose something you are passionate about
  • Creating the list aasdfnd MAKE the decision
  • How to outpace your competitors with hard work

Is starting a business hard work?

‍Business is like fitness. You get what you put in. Imagine you go to the gym and see someone lifting 150 pounds. The reality is that that same person could probably do 200 pounds. They aren't pushing themselves. Are you pushing yourself?

If you're going to the gym or stepping into your business, you really want to push yourself, now, today. You want to work as hard as you can because it makes you feel good, and the results speak for themselves. After a few months, when you look into the mirror (or at your bank account), you WILL see the results.

The lesson: Don't settle with what you're doing now. If you're going to put in the effort, why not put in as much effort as possible. If you're not putting in the hard work, the energy, and settling, your quitting on yourself.

What kind of business should I start?

How do you find that thing that keeps your heart racing at every hour of the day? Simple. Start with the idea that what your doing SHOULD be something that keeps your mind, body, and soul driven 12 hours a day. We're not talking about blind motivation either. There's an actual success metric behind why this is important. 

Passion is your first strategic advantage

When you're just starting, you likely don't have capital or equipment... or customers. Say, for example, you want to start a photography business because you have a passion for photography. There are hundreds of photographers in the market (do a quick google search.) How will you get your name out there? And how would you get your first customers?

Dedication, passion, and hardwork are the answer, more specifically, leave no time to waste. You should have your camera in your hand every single day. Take photos of people you see (for free, and with permission) and of various landscapes. Build a portfolio that impresses your friends. More importantly, build a collection of photographs that people rave about. Start getting your name out there on social media too by offering "portfolio building sessions." With passion and dedication, this won't be hard because it's the practice you need driven by your unrelenting desire to succeed.

What happens when you do this every single day for four weeks?

In four weeks, you would look up and see that you took well over 1000 photos. But, was it hard work? Likely not, because it was something you loved doing. Now, when you start marketing, consumers will think that you're a real professional photographer. Do this month in and month out until you receive enough business to keep you busy. Either way, you're doing something you love, putting in the hard work, and by this point, further along than anyone else!

Passion (and hard work) will keep you going when things get tough

Now imagine that you started a very successful cupcake business. Everyone loves your unique style and flavor (and you do too!) It would be dangerous to think that there aren't startup bakeries launching nearly every single day in your area. When competition gets tough, as it surely will, taste, price, and location may no longer be strategic advantages.

But what will?

You guessed it hard work driven by your unrelenting passion for making the most wonderful deserts. When things get tough, and the competition fierce, being willing to commit extra time, effort, and energy into your business (really, your passion,) is more important now than ever. Your passion, hard work, and late nights, could drive you to;

  • Creating new recipes
  • Creating healthier options
  • Create unique marketing campaigns and specials
  • Calling your best customers and asking what flavors they want
  • Cleaning or organizing your work space for more efficiency
  • Opening up longer, or offering a delivery service
  • Negotiating with your suppliers

Doing things like this, on top of or in addition to normal business will over time create a business that's difficult to surpass. The best part, if you truly love your business it wasn't hard work, it was a cakewalk.

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