What is the poster boy podcast?

Your listening to — The Poster Boy Podcast! Our mission is to help young entrepreneurs in small-town America start, grow, and manage 21st-century businesses!

In this episode... Hear a tantalizing origin story filled with witty commentary and unnecessary anecdotes... Wrong! We cut to the meat. Each podcast is 30 minutes of hard-hitting facts and no-b.s. lessons from an entrepreneur who has seen it all (Chad Scott) and an entrepreneur who is just getting started (Drew Prescott.)

Follow Chad and Drew as they explain what the Poster Boy Podcast is, and what to expect each episode, about the forthcoming Book and online Academy, and the ever-changing reality of starting and managing a successful business.

The Poster Boy Podcast is brought to you by UTProducts.com Find and follow us wherever you get your podcast! Visit us at theposterboybook.com to grab your copy of the book and learn about our courses at the Poster Boy Academy.

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